Alpaca Sweaters are warm, beautiful and very cute sweaters!
Our Alpaca Clothing is made by hand in the Altiplano of southern Peru. All the thread is hand-spun and all the colors are natural. Alpaca is a wonderful fiber, warmer by weight than wool and soft to the touch. Try our fluffy Leg Warmers for Women and Men and our luxurious Alpaca Socks! Alpaca Gloves, Scarves and Sweaters make wonderful gifts.
Our Wool Sweaters and Hats come from high in the Andes of Ecuador. These winter woolen clothes are knit by hand and come in a variety of natural and dyed colors. We also carry a line of Wool-Cotton Blend Sweaters and Hats, including some adorable, elfin Children’s Sweaters.
From Nepal we carry a line of accessories made from Recycled Silk Saris. The material is shredded, spun into threads and knit into gloves, mittens, hats and scarves. They are fashionable accessories and eco-friendly too!
Check out our popular wool-rayon blend leather-soled slipper socks for men and women too!