An ode to the sarong

Welcome to the Sarong Blog. This site is dedicated to an appreciation of Sarongs and island culture.

Currently, I have sarongs all over my house. There is one covering my TV, one on my coffee table to hide the crayon scribbles, and one hanging over the window in the bathroom, which lets light in but keeps peepers out. I have five or so that I like to wear in the summer, including one that is a half-sized, light scarf sarong that doubles as a head cover at the windy beach, and another that is extra-long for tying a dress over my swim suit. We also used sarongs to decorate the tables at our wedding three years ago – we rented plain table cloths and then draped white sarongs with a hand-painted floral motif to soften the industrial covers. I also start each day with a Balinese kimono made of – you guessed it, sarong material. Light and flowy, it makes me feel elegant while I sip my coffee and sweep cheerios off the floor. I love a good sarong!

A sarong haiku:
The sexy sarong
Wear, wrap or drape it over
Not just for the beach

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