“What’s Sarong?”

“Nothing sarong, why do you ask?”

OK, dumb joke, but I got your attention right? Sarongs are getting a lot of well deserved attention of their own. It’s summer – the season of the sarong!

I live near a river, resort community and see people sporting sarongs every day: People in sarongs carrying their canoes out of shallow water, women and men wearing sarongs over their swimsuits to keep the sun (or critical glances away), mother’s carrying babies in a sarong tied on their backs. I love the makeshift sun shade tents billowing in the wind, extending from canoe paddles dug into the sand, and the sun baked picnickers dining on the clean surface of a sarong, thwarting ants and sand fleas who would love to taste the fare.

Sarongs have millions of uses and not all of them are related to the beach or pool. I have a batik sarong on my coffee table to hide the crayon scribbles my two year old lovingly donated to the varnish. I have this floral sarong to cover the squawking bird’s cage to quiet the offending chatter. I have a dragon sarong over our venetian blinds to darken the room in which my daughter sleeps to give the illusion of night down on long summer evenings. And this Buddha sarong lends a lovely yogic ambiance to my guest room/office/exercise room.

If I let myself, I could enjoy buying a new sarong every week – it is one of the hazards of working in a sarong import house! The next addition to my growing collection of versatile and stylish sarongs is the scalloped pattern sarong, which looks so cool in all the colors, I can’t decide which one to bring home! It is a popular choice in terms of sarongs for men, but I like it because I don’t wear a lot of pink and jewel tones so I like to keep my beach colors in tune with my out-and-about color scheme.

If you are interested in sarongs, please feel welcomed to visit our online store. Turtle Island Imports is a family owned and run business in Northern California. We have been bringin’ and slingin’ (otherwise known as importing and selling) sarongs since 1993.

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