How to make a lungi from a sarong

The traditional lungi, or Indian sarong, is a tube of fabric that one puts on like a skirt and knots and wraps it in such a way that drapes comfortably and stays on without elastic, clips, pins or buttons. They are most commonly worn by men, but women sport them too!

If you’ve ever worn a lungi around the house, you know how comfortable it is!

It is really easy to turn an extra long sarong into a lungi with only one seam and without cutting your fabric at all. Here’s how to make a lungi out of a sarong.

Start with a plus size sarong, or a piece of fabric measuring approximately 45″ by 76″. For plus size individuals increase the length to 80″ or more. If you are using a raw piece of fabric instead of a sarong, be sure to finish the edges so they don’t unravel in the wash.

Fold the sarong in half so the fringed ends meet and pin the ends together to keep them from shifting when you sew.

Sew it with a machine or by hand, tying knots or back-stitching at the beginning and end of the seam. Sew the seam about a half inch from the end of the fabric.

Snip off any loose threads. Voila, you are ready to wear your lungi!

Here are some good instructions on how to wear the lungi.

How to make a lungi from a sarong
How to make a lungi from a sarong

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