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Sarongs and the Art of Batik

Sarongs and the Art of Batik We like to focus on the amazing versatility of the sarong, but did you ever wonder what gives sarongs their stunning and original designs and those vibrant colors? It’s the batik process that’s used. Batik is an ancient art that has been practiced over the centuries in different parts […]


Colorful Animal Print Sarongs Do you think kids can only have fun when there are dozens of toys available? Or when they have access to video games? Actually, kids have a grand time when they can let their imagination have free reign. Sometimes the fewer the toys, the better the game. Marci found this out […]

Latest Turtle Island Imports Contest!

How do you wear your sarong?  Are you creative with your sarongs? Compete in our contest.  Starts July 21st! Here are the details!   Post your submission on our page: . To win: The grand prize for best way to tie a sarong wins $25 gift certificate to The three most creative, interesting […]

A Sarong by Any Other Name

The Many Names of Sarongs We know that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Would a sarong by any other name be as beautiful and useful?   We’ve talked about some of the many uses for a sarong or pareo. Perhaps you’re wondering about the countries where these versatile garments are […]

Planning a Barbecue? Don’t Forget the Sarong

Sarongs at the Barbecue Many Uses for a Sarong Jeff and Joslyn hosted their first barbecue on July 4th this year. Young and married for just one year, they nervously ventured into the untried territory of entertaining guests. Friends had told them, “You can’t go wrong with a barbecue.” Hmmm. Are you sure? No Apron? […]