My kids and our closet of sarongs

I recently pared my linen closet way way waaaaay down. One extra set of sheets for each bed are stored in our bedrooms. The kids’ old toy chest is at the foot of my bed and holds our extra quilts. Towels are rolled up on a shelf in the bathroom with a stack of hand towels and basket of washcloths next to it. There really wasn’t much left to store.

Our tiny linen closet just has a few throw blankets and hides our costco stash of tp. I found myself with a few extra shelves so I decided to keep my sarong stash there. Having been born into a family of sarong slingers, I have *not-a-few* sarongs. OK, I have a dozen or more. (Ironically, they are almost all shades of blues and turquoises. I guess I have type. But I digress.)

It took a day or two for my children to find the beautifully rolled, colorful sarongs and it took no time at all for them to take them over. They push chairs around and get all the sarongs out for a fort. They tie them around their necks and play superhero. They lay them on the floor for a picnic. They do fashion shows.

Incidentally, I have also found they are awesome for covering the couch when someone insists on eating her cheerios with her feet up (I am a pushover) and for a quick clean up when the bowl dumps onto the floor (will I never learn?).

So now instead of having a linen closet, I have a sarong closet. It figures. But it works for meeee!

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