How to Use Our Coconut Sarong Buckles

How to Use a Sarong Buckle in Four Easy Ways A fun video demonstrating a few ways our coconut buckles make wearing your sarong even more fun. Take a look at our video on how to use our beautiful coconut sarong buckles. They are hand made in Bali. Easy to use, these buckles really work, […]

How to tie a sarong – Little Black Dress edition! TII original video

How to Tie a Sarong – Little Black Dress Edition When my good friend Julia and I were in Hawaii last summer, we found ourselves in a predicament. Having scheduled an expensive and elegant luau for that night, we planned to be back in time to shower, coconut oil up and put on a pretty […]

Our Newest Video: How to Use a Sarong Buckle 4 Easy Ways

The magic of sarong buckles Turtle Island Imports and Magic Made Productions have teamed up for a second video. You’ll learn how to use a coconut sarong buckle to secure your sarong and accent your curves. When tying a sarong with a sarong buckle, be sure to pull the slack tight. We think it looks […]

Turtle Island Imports and Magic Made Productions present: How to tie a sarong in three ways!

3 Easy Ways to Tie a Sarong We have teamed up with a local production company to showcase some of our favorite ways to wear a sarong. This sarong tying video is the first in a series. Please let us know what you think!

Sarong Saves Sanity

Who knew a sarong collection could save the sanity of two struggling young single moms? Liz and Melanie had taken different paths after high school, but both found themselves unexpectedly single, each raising two young children. Liz had gone straight to college, intent on a career and independence. Marrying her college sweetie wasn’t in the […]


As Marina tells it, she had recently met the guy of her dreams, Jimmy. He was more laid-back than she, but that was part of his appeal. The relationship progressed so well that Jimmy wanted to introduce Marina to his parents in Los Angeles. Flying out there would have been simple—too simple. They were both […]


Sarongs in the classroom? Only in Bali? Not at all. The last school we shipped sarongs to was in Reston, Virginia.   School had just started and Connie Leontine, a brand-new teacher, was determined to excite and engage her students. The first region in her yearlong Cultures of the World curriculum was Indonesia. She chose it […]