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How to Use Our Coconut Sarong Buckles

How to Use a Sarong Buckle in Four Easy Ways A fun video demonstrating a few ways our coconut buckles make wearing your sarong even more fun. Take a look at our video on how to use our beautiful coconut sarong buckles. They are hand made in Bali. Easy to use, these buckles really work, […]

How to tie a sarong – Little Black Dress edition! TII original video

How to Tie a Sarong – Little Black Dress Edition When my good friend Julia and I were in Hawaii last summer, we found ourselves in a predicament. Having scheduled an expensive and elegant luau for that night, we planned to be back in time to shower, coconut oil up and put on a pretty […]

Our Newest Video: How to Use a Sarong Buckle 4 Easy Ways

The magic of sarong buckles Turtle Island Imports and Magic Made Productions have teamed up for a second video. You’ll learn how to use a coconut sarong buckle to secure your sarong and accent your curves. When tying a sarong with a sarong buckle, be sure to pull the slack tight. We think it looks […]

Turtle Island Imports and Magic Made Productions present: How to tie a sarong in three ways!

3 Easy Ways to Tie a Sarong We have teamed up with a local production company to showcase some of our favorite ways to wear a sarong. This sarong tying video is the first in a series. Please let us know what you think!