Our Jewelry Collection consists of Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets from Guatemala, Peru and Bali. From Bali we offer you two sizes of beautiful sterling silver “Opalized” Glass Earrings, each available in five accent stones set into the silver hand worked cap – Amethyst, Garnet, Lapis, Black Onyx or Moonstone. The choice is yours! Pendants strung on a satin cord are also offered in the same choice of accent stones. The same size as the large earrings, they make a wonderful match to either size of earring. All metal is silver. We also offer several styles of Peruvian intricately handcrafted wire earrings. These feature beautiful stones that come from both the mountainous Andes and the dry coastal region. Stone choices are: Chrysocolla, an opaque green and/or blue stone similar to malachite and turquoise. Black Onyx, pink Rhodonite, clear to cloudy to opalescent Andean Agate, and Brown Obsidian with Black and Dark Brown swirled together creating a dark earthy effect. Look at the Stone choices scroll down menu for each style. The materials are strong nickel- silver wire, surgical steel ear wires and, of course, the beautiful stones of Peru. The Bamboo and Stone Necklaces come in Chrysocolla or Black Onyx in either Oval or Tear Drop shape.